The FOCOS network of volunteers extends to more than 250 medical and non-medical professionals from across the globe. FOCOS Volunteers are required to pay the cost of their own travel expenses. Each is given the option to fund raise or self-pay to fund their trips.

Volunteers who are fund raising to support their trips to the FOCOS Orthopedic Hospital in Ghana will be listed on this page periodically.  We commend them for their commitment and will invite you to learn more about, and contribute to their trips.

What Volunteers Are Saying

Since 1998, FOCOS volunteers have provided millions of dollars worth of donated time and services.  Here's a snapshot of what they say about their experiences with the FOCOS Team:

Prior to my involvement, I had heard so many wonderful things about FOCOS and the dedicated people involved. I soon learned the truth of this. What a rewarding experience it was to use my skills to help those that are in desperate need of help.
As I watched and learned more about the FOCOS group and how they helped people, I became inspired. It has been such a great feeling to be a part of such a great organization.
As a future physician, working with FOCOS is a great opportunity to serve, gain perspective, and learn about pathologies in developing nations.
The FOCOS mission provides a significant resource and commitment to providing care to people who would otherwise not have it. To use my specialty for this purpose is a dream come true.
This is a great opportunity for me to give back. To give deserving care to those who would not normally receive it is one of my greatest pleasures.