Support Rosina's Surgery

Rosina is a 22-year-old female Ghanaian with severe spine deformity. Rosina has had this problem since age 12. She currently has no pain or shortness of breath. She admits to progression of deformity. There is no family history of scoliosis. Rosina has no major medical illnesses. Because her deformity is so obvious she admits that she feels inferior among her peers. She feels that it is as a result of her deformity that her parents have abandoned her.

Rosina lives in Amanfrom a suburb of Kumasi. Her parents have abandoned her so she is currently being catered for by her grandmother and aunty. She is the only child of her parents.

She is a high school graduate she is currently learning to be a hair stylist due to unavailability of funds to enable her further her education. She loves singing and wants to be an entrepreneur in future.

Her father is believed to be living in Nigeria but his where about is unknown. Rosina lives with her aunty and grandmother. Her grandmother is unemployed and her aunty who pays for her bills works as a beautician and her income is not enough to fund Rosina’s surgery cost.

Rosina is worried about her spine deformity which doctors say will require surgery to correct.

She is therefore appealing to all and sundry for financial support.