Support Portia's Surgery

Portia is a young lady with progressive back deformity which started at age 16. She has a tilted gait. She however has no difficulty breathing and has normal bowel and bladder function. On review by doctors, it showed that her deformity is progressive. It was therefore recommended that she undergoes surgery to correct her deformity. If surgery is not done in the immediate time her life expectancy will be shortened due to the nature of the deformity and rate at which her spine is deforming.

Portia was born in Mampong Akwapim in the Eastern region of Ghana. She is the second of three children. She lives with her mother who is a single parent. Her mother currently is unemployed and bed ridden with a chronic illness. Portia is a Senior High School graduate with the aim of becoming a Nurse. Sadly, she is unable to further her education due to financial constraints. She loves reading and singing. The family is being cared for by Portia’s elder brother who works as a trader in Accra. His income is inadequate hence cannot pay for the surgery cost.

Portia is appealing to all well-wishers to come to her aid to enable her undergo this life-changing surgery which she believes will bring meaning to her life. She is thankful in advance to God and all who will be touched by her appeal.