Support Moses' Surgery

Moses was noticed to have spine deformity since age four. Initially it was treated with brace but did not yield any good results. His spine continued to deform. He was recently seen by FOCOS doctors and the recommendation was for him to undergo posterior spinal fusion to correct his deformity and to prevent the spine from further curvature.

His deformity is associated with back pain. His pain is said to be worse when he bends his neck. Pain has persisted since onset of deformity and he has lived with pain which is now worse. The pain affects him negatively especially with his academic work. He is unable to concentrate in class because of his pain. He also has an obvious deformity and this makes him feel inferior among his colleagues.

Moses was born in Cape Coast in the central region of Ghana. He is the last of four children. He is the only one with such deformity in the family. He lives with his father who is a security guard at GBC. Moses is hardworking, caring and affable according to his siblings. He has not allowed his condition to limit him. He has completed a technical school in the face of his challenges. He likes reading science fictions and dreams of becoming an architect in future.

Moses is appealing to philanthropists, and benevolent organizations, for financial support to enable him undergo this life-changing surgery.