Support McKenzie's Surgery

Mckenzie is a 15-year-old Ghanaian female with spine deformity which is also causing her pain. She has no family history, and symptoms have been present for the past couple of years. She has had conservative treatments such as bracing to no avail. She has a slightly tilted gait and some leg length discrepancy. According to the surgical team, if her deformity is not corrected her life expectancy will be negatively affected.

Mckenzie is the second of two children.  She is in senior high school and in first year. She loves listening to music and seeing movies at her leisure time. Her favorite courses are economics and chemistry. She aspires to be a pharmacist in future.

She lives with her parent in Awoshie a suburb of Accra. Her parents are both administrative officers at a private company in Accra. The family is worried about Mckenzie’s condition and has tried to raise about 10% of the total funds for her surgery.

The family is appealing to philanthropists, and benevolent organizations, for financial support to enable Mckenzie undergo this life-changing surgery.