Support Emmanuel's Surgery

Emmanuel is a 3-year-old pleasant and intelligent boy from Accra, Ghana. He has fixed elbows and wrists. On examination at the FOCOS hospital in Ghana doctors diagnosed him of a condition known as arthrogryposis. He has recommended for corrective surgery to help release the fixed joints.

Emmanuel is unable to hold anything with his hands. Unlike any other child of his age who is able to eat, write, draw or at least hold an object with his/her hands, Emmanuel is fully dependent on the support of someone to engage in any of such activities. His condition is impacting enormously on his mother who barely does any other thing apart from caring for Emmanuel. As a result of this, she is unemployed as there is no one to take care of Emmanuel.

The family is appealing to benevolent organizations and all well-wishers to come to Emmanuel’s aid to enable him undergo this life-transforming surgery.