A Letter of Thanks

2015 FOCOS New York Gala honoree, Bettye Wright, shared this special message with the FOCOS Family:

Dr. Boachie, US & Ghana Board of Directors, New York and Ghana staff ,

I am now in Ghana, but need to express to  all of you just how very much I appreciate you.

You made my birthday so special with the engraved beautiful gifts. Ghana staff, thanks for the lovely special Kente, The gala was over the top. My family and I are extremely grateful for all you did to make it special.

For me, FOCOS has always been a journey that God assigned to me. I am confident there have been times when I have deviated from his original plan, but both God and you have been forgiving and I sincerely appreciate it. 

FOCOS shall always have a special place in my heart. I am confident that I have always had a hidden fear on overstaying my appointed time but, I am incredibly happy with the multitude of blessings that, I have received from staff, patients, volunteers and our incredible founder and the boards. The gala and the many kind messages sincerely touched my heart.  We still have a journey ahead of us, Dr. Boachie needs all of our support and help now more than ever.  Although, I am definitely not what I used to be,,(that is a good thing! I am grateful for the growth ) whatever Future God has planned for me, I am just as committed to assisting in the way forward for FOCOS.

Be blessed, Thank you Dr. Boachie for allowing me to be a part of phase one of your dream and the FOCOS journey.